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Jourdan Dunn @ Tommy Hilfiger S/S 2014 (details)

magdalena backstage

lindsey wixson backstage at versace f/w 2011



gimmie a kiss

Behind the Scenes of the Shining

When I was a kid, like maybe 10-11, my history class was doing some plays about assorted characters and events in American history. And I’m sitting here thinking about black face, since Halloween is coming up, and I realized that those mother fucking teachers made me play Frederick Douglass because I was the only black kid. Like, I didn’t even want that part, it wasn’t the one I asked for but they made me do it. COME TO THINK OF IT I ALSO PLAYED TOM SAWYER! This is upsetting to me but ima fall back.

Them niggas assigned me Frederick Douglass and they shiesty asses didn’t say shit about it being exclusively because I was black. They must’ve been thanking white Jesus when they found out my black ass could read and act at an 11th grade level.

And my 12 year old ass was just worried about fitting into Tom Sawyer’s overalls for my breakout roll SMH! I bet all those parents got a kick out of me playing Frederick Douglass and Tom Sawyer….



Got my Mens Rights Activist costume ready for Halloween !

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